Shmoo Milkshake Mix, 1.8 Kg Tubs. Various Flavours.


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Shmoo Milkshake Mix

  • Drinkers enjoy the fabulous textures made possible by the unique combination of machine and ingredients. Sellers love the simplicity and consistency. Shmoo promises great results every shake and can be served in Diner Style glasses, in a contemporary Take Away Cup or as an iced Shmooaccino. Shmoo makes a great base for Freakshakes.

  • With no artificial colours, preservatives or sweeteners and less sugar than other thick milkshakes there’s lots to enjoy. Dive in.

  • FREE Sleeve of Cups, Lids and Straws
  • 80 x 22fl oz. cup servings or 120 x 13fl oz. cup servings Included in this price is enough cups and straws for every drink in this tub.

  • Please select which size cups you would like.