Monin Syrup Gift Sets

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Monin Syrup Gift Set

  • Available in a 5 x 50ml Bottle pack or a retail box with 6 packs of 5.

  • A lovely little gift set from Monin. Containing 5 of the top selling flavours: Monin Caramel, Vanilla, Hazelnut, Gingerbread and Amaretto, all bottled in stunning little individual miniature glass bottles.
  • Monin are the most respected syrup brand in the market and are used by the likes of Costa Coffee. Quality is guaranteed unlike some of the cheaper syrups which you have to use twice as much of to create the same flavour.

  • Monin syrups are also gluten free.

See product images for the Monin certificate regarding Vegan and Vegetarian compatibility. And click below for any other allergy information.

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