Monbana Hot Chocolate Powder, (6 x 1kg) Tubs

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Monbana Hot Chocolate Powder

  • This listing is for 6 x 1kg tubs of the world famous Monbana 'Salon De The' Hot Chocolate drinking powder.
  • Is this possibly the world's finest hot chocolate drink? We certainly think so.
  • Each 1kg tub will make between 40 & 55 deliciously rich hot chocolate drinks.
  • Shelf life on this product is between 12 & 24 months.
  • Your cup cost is between 12 & 17 pence depending on how much powder you choose to use in each serving.and with an average re-sale price of £1.20+ the margins are massive and represent a must have profit making product.
  • The majority of consumers simply add hot water but hot milk is also an option for an even creamier taste.