Jazz 1100 POU Water Cooler, Cold & Ambient

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POU Cooler 

  • Cooling System - 3 litre stainless steel cold water tank, 18 litres per hour, from 4C - 12C (depending on influent water temperature).
  • Floor standing or counter top
  • Heating System - 2 litre stainless steel hot water tank, 5 litres per hour, from 87C to 92C, instant draw off 6 x 7oz cups at above 87C, 15 minutes recovery time.
    • Cabinet - 20 gauge steel with baked on acrylic enamel for easy cleaning, Moulded, non-scratch and easy cleaning plastic front panels
    • Dimensions - Floor standing: Height: 1015mm Width: 340mm Depth: 335mm
    • Table Top - Height: 550mm Width: 340mm Depth: 335mm