POU Cooler - Standalone - Cold & Ambient (WCD-3C)

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POU Cooler

  • Both the Floorstanding and Desktop versions of this cooler come with a choice of either chilled & hot or chilled & ambient water. The hot water may be controlled between 70ºc and 85ºc ideal for coffee, hot chocolate, soups and more. The chilled water may be controlled between 5ºc and 10ºc. The chilled & hot water option comes complete with a safety tap for the hot water.
  • The constant supply of mains filtered water ensures that time is not wasted handling heavy bottles, valuable storage space is not lost and there is no chance of running out of water even on hot days. In addition to this a plumbed in water cooler can save you up to 80% on the cost of running a bottled water cooler.