Cloudy Lemonade Monin Flavoured Syrup, 1 litre bottles

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Monin Syrups

  • A 1 litre plastic bottle of the famous Monin Syrup for use in coffee and for flavouring other food types such as cocktails or milkshakes.
  • Available as single bottles or boxes of 4
  • Monin syrups are also gluten free.
  • Monin Cloudy Lemonade syrup is a great addition to your cocktail cabinet, or indeed for use in icings or jellies. 
  • Monin syrups are highly concentrated flavours made from the highest quality ingredients, including natural flavourings where possible. Create incredible cocktails, mocktails and flavoured coffees.
  • Monin are the most respected syrup brand on the market and are used by the likes of Costa Coffee. Quality is guaranteed unlike some of the cheaper syrups which you have to use twice as much of to create the same flavour. 
  • A false economy to buy anything else but Monin.