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Shmoo Milkshake Mixing Spindle Machine - RED

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  • The Shmoo Spindle Drinks Mixer helps create perfect thick Shmoo milkshakes.
  • A unique 'in the cup' mixing system with no wastage of Shmoo mix.
  • 'It’s so easy and so quick to mix a Shmoo!'.  
  • Machine dimensions: 18cm wide x 48cm high.
  • These Shmoo mixing machines look great, are fairly quiet and offer a smooth mixing action. Running costs are negligible and they just need a wipe clean.
  • Machine is Vatable and it will be added at checkout
  •  Each tub will make between 86 to 120 milkshakes, depending on the serving cup size used.
  • Gluten Free, with no artificial colourings, sweeteners or preservatives