PG Tips Tea White

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PG Tips Tea White, 76mm 'Foil Sealed' In Cup Drink

These drinks are for use solely in Kenco / Maxpax In Cup Drinks machines or simply as an add hot water product. If you have any other type of in cup machine such as Klix, Darenth, Eurocup etc then please see our 73mm in cup drink listings instead.

Please note these cannot be used in fully automatic Kenco In Cup Drinks Machines as the foil seal needs tearing off before the water is added.

There are many advantages to the foil sealed in-cup drink for Kenco over the more traditional paper in-cup format:

      • Fully foil sealed drinks for ultimate hygiene
      • No dust/powder spillage
      • Expansive range
      • Long shelf life (typically between 12 & 18 months)
      • High quality drinks
      • IT'S CHEAPER!!

To buy lids for these cups click below

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